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August 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

It is time to try out the blogging medium as as a tool for doing philosophy. I aim to experiment a little with the format to get a feel for the kind of writing that fits it and how it can be used. Ideally, I feel that it should used a means as a way to formulate some preliminary thoughts on the stuff I am working on, and also as a means to engage my colleagues in discussion.

My main theoretical interest is the relationship between interpretation and meaning, and my approach to various philosophical issues will generally spring from a form of interpretationism.  I’m in the process of exploring a particular species of interpretationism based on the social role of assertion, and hopefully I will post several aspects of this proposal along the way.  As a side interest I am also interested in the relationship between interpretation and interaction in representational media like computer games, and I will also likely post some thoughts about this topic as well.

Obviously, I don’t expect anyone but my colleagues to read my posts, but if you are a visitor from the big Net I would appreciate any comments or tips  you may have on the issues I write about.


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